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Why I didn’t run in Africa

I took my nutritionist’s advice and did some Push Ups on the Pool Deck while I was away on my honeymoon. Frankly, we were on the go every single day and up between 5-6am for tours and Safari and by the end of the day exhausted.  A good exhausted!

My main opportunity to run was really in Cape Town. An incredible city on the southern most tip of Africa and the Southern Hemisphere. I did get one awesome run in before we transitioned to the Safari along the Ocean. The views were amazing!

Why didn’t I run while on safari, while in some of the most interesting and beautiful landscape in the world? In the words of our safari guide: “Every animal here is a far faster runner than you!”

I would have loved to, however, because of all of the great game in the park, we were encourage to stay within the property. The property is really a group of small huts and a main eating lodge in the middle of the open plains! We needed an escort back to our hut in the evenings after dinner with all game nearby, including big elephants who regularly walked through our camp. They are surprisingly silent and camouflaged in the dark!

So what did I do?

When you don’t have your regular set-up, it’s an opportunity to get creative. I focused more on stretching, yoga and body weight exercises:

  • I push pretty hard on exercise, so on the recommendation of my yoga instructor who said “you probably feel you need to do fast yoga, when in fact slow stretching and restorative movements are better for you.” I took her advice! Slow stretching movements and breathing in the nature.

  • On other days, three sets of push ups, lunges (or one legged dead lifts) and core work.

  • On another, I used my lacrosse ball for mobility hip work (more in another post) and stretching bands for small muscle work. Stretching bands keep the muscles working constantly. Rinse, mix, repeat.

Lastly, it was my honeymoon! I made sure I relaxed, enjoyed good food and wine and created memories that would last a lifetime.

Many of you have asked to see some of the pictures from my trip. They are posted here on Instagram.



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