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What are you doing the next 20 years?

Magic moments are at the tips of your fingers if you choose to pursue them.

I was riding a bus from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe to Hwange national game park on the final leg of our journey last week. I was aware we were on the tail end of our honeymoon. Everyday had an incredible moment.

My honeymoon in Africa was something I had been planning for awhile. (Not the actual scheduling of the trip. That took only about 3 weeks). But, going somewhere in the world that I have never been before with my freshly-minted wife has been planned for for about a year.

You see, once a year, every year, I spend one magic hour planning the big moments in my life.

No judgments. I just spend that hour writing and writing all the things I want to accomplish.  Then I put the number of years I’d like to complete the goal beside each item. I go through all the items that have one year and circle the top 3-4 that I would like to consider for the next 12 months.

Have you been waiting for the experience of a lifetime?

If it’s a travel goal, pick the location that speaks to you most and get planning it, today and book it within the next two weeks.

If it’s a worthy goal, one that stretches your capability of learning, that sounds about right. Get working on the plan tomorrow.

If you don’t plan your life, life will take you in all sorts of direction that perhaps you didn’t want to go. We all face obstacles and forks in the road, however the more you are prepared the more wise choices you will make.

I’m not waiting a lifetime for these moments to just happen to me. I’m creating the possibility that they occur every year.

What choice have you been waiting to make?


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