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What makes saying N0 easy

I recently asked a bunch of senior sales professionals and leaders I admire for some input on grit and overcoming obstacles. Article coming!

A constant theme throughout was knowing your values and the terms you live your life by.

When you know what’s important, and what your priorities are…you also know what is not.

Don’t get distracted by what’s urgent and maybe not important.

When you are crystal clear on what success looks like for you or your customers it’s much easier to say, no thanks.

Another way to say that if you have trouble saying a firm no is this:


“Yes, that sounds like a great project or idea…and…my plate is full right now with priority A, B, C.”

Who else could help you with that right now?

Be a connector.

Here are two other people who might be interested in supporting.

In 2 months from now, me or my team can look at taking that on. Can you follow up then?

Say “no” if it’s truly not in your area of expertise or something your team owns.

Say “Yes and” if it’s something you should or can contribute to, but doesn’t fall into your current top priorities and deliverables. Often these sort themselves out in the mean time.


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