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Your long term health

I was on camera early this morning with my trainer!

We were doing an assessment on my functional range of motion. Conclusion: I have a lot of work to do!

I have needed improvement in flexibility in my thoracic spine for awhile, but have spent much more time on my legs for running.

We walked through how small improvements in each area can lead to massive gains in performance.

As I continue to complete adventure races, I have three goals:

  1. Enjoy the journey and learn more about myself race over race
  2. Improve my capability and performance
  3. Improve posture and long term health to live a long life

Have you put yourself under inspection lately?
How about your sales process?
Have you broken down each component and worked to improve just one area, in order to raise the level of your game?

Something to consider this week.

It’s your choice.


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