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What’s on your tombstone?

Many people ask where I get the ideas for the blogs and how I crank them out. I get at least 2-3 good blog ideas each time I run.  When you get that clear headspace and endorphins going, we unshackle the creative mind!

When I was in Africa I was looking back on my journal notes from France last year! When else do you find time to do that?

As I was running along the coast in St. Tropez France last year I started thinking about what I have accomplished in the last decade and what the next chapter will entail.

Here is what came to my mind:

Leverage what you have done which was once hard

We often don’t look back to appreciate how much we have grown.

What would you like to have written on your tombstone?
This allows you to be present while giving you direction for the future.

How are you serving the world?  What will your legacy be?
We can get tunnel visioned into what is three feet ahead of us, when we need to raise our gaze on how we are contributing to the world.

Many a successful leader will tell you, after success, money and material goods comes being of service.

When you have the end in mind, it may alter the trajectory you travel and reduce your short term angst.

Take the time to sit down and scribe what you want your legacy to be, so you know if you are currently on the right path to get there.

It’s in your hands.


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