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Streaking Man

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

I was up early Friday morning for a run along the water in NYC.  As I was coming back to the park near my place to do some stretching I saw a guy streaking across the field. Not that kind of streaking!

He was doing sprints across the park. The level of effort he was putting in was intense!  It looked like his finish to a run. Then he came back again. And again.
It’s one of those things that just has you stop what you are doing and watch. He wasn’t leaving an ounce of energy on the table.
It got me thinking.
I had just finished a solid morning workout.  Could I have pushed harder?  For sure.
I wondered what he was training for or what had him so motivated.  What was his goal?
In sales if you are really clear on what your goal is, you can be laser focused on the path to get there.
What also helps with this?  Camaraderie.
Some people are self motivated, like the guy in the park. For many of us, knowing you have the support of a team around you, can raise the collective expectations.
Take the opportunity this week to raise your level of intensity!


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