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Unemployment Skyrockets

South Africa continues to go through transition. The government has started to build housing for those with less means in around major cities. Getting a roof over your head is the first priority. Often housing built for 5,000 swells with up to 60,000 as people take care of friends and family.

Unemployment in South Africa is 27 percent! What if one out of every four people you knew didn’t have a job?

The good news – I saw at least one example of building job creation. Pinotage Youth Development Academy. In an industry that makes a lot of money, the wine business, they are funding vocational job training for disadvantaged youth. Bridging the gap to finish high school and get training that can turn into a job in a growing industry. We experienced it at one of the wineries we visited and they are doing great work!

When those days the job is a grind, be patient, be reflective, be present and be grateful for the living you make.

In those moments often lies the answers to your obstacles.



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