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I’m Inflexible!

Photo by Alberto Restifo on Unsplash

My backwards flexibility is a 2/10…and I’m excited. 

I’ve moved on from working the physio on the ankle now to my mid spine. The ankle is healed, I’m running! Time to work on the next foundational part of my game. 

If discovery is the foundation of sales, functional mobility is the foundation of running. 

My back has always given me problems in past races. Severe back spasms. Cause: weak core, lack of flexibility in the spine, over extension and over use. 

I’m excited to know I’ve been able to make it through many desert runs with weak hip flexers, poor posture and weak core! My yoga instructor told me so over the year many times. I didn’t disagree, I just didn’t know how or wasn’t ready to put focus on it everyday. 

Two lacrosse balls (tied into a sport sock!) in the mid back 10 min a day + some other posture routines. 

If I can open up the spine, I open up the lungs, stability in the core and new possibilities for running. 

What part of your sales game can you get very specific on addressing that could provide big impact in your results in August?


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