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Stretching your limits

I had a workout with my trainer early yesterday morning.

We are focused on posture, core and doing exercises functionally perfect to increase joint mobility.

As we worked through squats today, something bubbled up for me. A template.

  • One exercise was focused on feeling muscles that have not been accessed. We used a band keeping the muscle engaged on all the way through.
  • The second exercise built upon the first using the new range of motion without the band, going after the same goal.
  • The third was a stretch, appreciating the progress made, while actively pushing farther on the range.

Here is what it made me think of in sales:

  • The band is your trainer, mentor or coach showing you what’s possible.
  • The 2nd is you putting into practice the new growth areas, getting feedback as you go.
  • The 3rd is building awareness and journaling how it went putting the new skill in place. What learning can you take forward the next time you use that new skill?

What helped me work through the new motion as the core was faltering?

  • The goal of the exercise. Improved posture, and mobility.
  • Laser focus on something in the room directly in front of me. Locked in the whole exercise.
  • I had the camaraderie of a friend looking at my form and supporting my growth

Do you ever lose sight of what the customer challenge is you are solving for? Getting unbalanced by everything you are juggling in a day.

What’s your guide point?

What’s your method on sales motion growth?

Who is on your team to support you?


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