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Imagery Is Powerful

While we were on our honeymoon I was running out of space on my iPhone. I started scrolling through cleaning up old photos and screen shots (I use to save cool things I want to check out later) so I could create more space for new experiences. 

I realized I hadn’t done any photo purging in three years!

What value did the exercise provide?

  1. Reviewing and reliving old photos conjures up the best of those experiences 
  2. It percolates momentum for past ideas you wanted to act on and perhaps now is a better time
  3. It’s like looking back on pages and books of journaling, showing you everything you have accomplished 
  4. It identifies things you have moved on from

Sometimes summer can be slow and a good time to reflect. 

Review, relive, percolate, purge and move forward with gratitude. 


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