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Best Sales Pitch of the Month

I may have just sat on the best sales call of the month! I was sitting in Bryant Park across from the office taking in some fresh air and returning email.

I was approached by a friendly sales person. He wasn’t selling software, he was selling roses. 

“Hello sir how are you today.”

He was professional and friendly.

“I’m selling roses to support getting into art school.  Would you like to see what I have?”

He showed me good samples and ones that other customers had liked the most. He was open to negotiating but representing a fair deal. Good finesse. 

“They go for $10 if you could work with that price it would be great.”

I asked him which one he liked the best and why. 

“The turquoise and orange has my favorite colors and seems to be getting the best response right now.”

I could have negotiated but didn’t. I heard him sell one for $5 down the way. 

He earned it!

I stuck around and saw him sell 10 pictures in 20 min!

Initiative, courage, persistence!

He may be 12 at the most!

We all may be working for him one day. 

The product is the experience. Next time you have an experience like that, #PayItForward.


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