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I had the good fortune of spending time with a young, bright and energetic Salesforce small business team this week, sharing some words of wisdom from my 12 years at Salesforce and lessons learned in my climb up Kilimanjaro in 2009 and in taking on a number of adventure races.
If I can share three quick thoughts to end the week.
1. Normalize failure – don’t strive for failure but be ok skinning your knee, learning and growing.
2. Accept the Obstacles in front of you.  Visualize the crappy set of circumstances you are about to entail, see yourself over and through them.  In this way you will be half way to your goal before you start.
3. Camaraderie can take you to great heights. What seems challenging alone is less daunting when you partner and team. Get the creativity you need to get the momentum to get started.
Have an amazing weekend!


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