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What the top 1 % of sales people do

I’ve been selling for 20 years. Many years ago I was in the top 1 percent of sellers in our company. I’ve also had some absolute flops. Consistency, discipline and continual learning are some factors that contribute to success. Now I’m focusing on mastering my craft by teaching and enabling others.

It’s great to get to the top of the mountain once or twice, but how do you do it year after year after year?

I often say to newer sales reps I talk to, its what people do when no one else is watching that makes the difference between good reps and great reps.

In fact, it can be highlighted as what is below the waterline when thinking about the iceberg theory. 80% of the iceberg is under the water. So is the work.

What is below the waterline?

Time / Effort – how much time do you spend evenings and weekends on mastering your craft. I used to spend hours on the weekend tiering my accounts, researching contacts and attempting to network in to key people in my territory.

Extended team – Time is important and working smart and leveraging your team can separate the best. Do you act as the GM or CEO of your territory or are you a sales rep? Do you manage and respect resources so that when you dig up that big opportunity, you have the team to execute.

Overcoming Obstacles – Are you accepting the obstacles you must overcome early in the year, before you face them, so when you do, they seem less daunting? Can you grind away, and get really creative to get through anxiety?

DWYSYWD – Most sales reps create a good territory plan. Few execute it well and have the mental fortitude to endure. Do you do what you say you will do? Accountability is the key to professional growth.


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