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Three Things I Learned About Mentoring From a Squash Pro

You learn from those above you, beside you and below you.

In my earlier professional days, when I had more time on my hands, a group of work friends would end most days with a workout or squash match at the gym. Sometimes we would get in lunch games to break up the day. We would get a good sweat in and get fired up for the afternoon.

When I took my first lesson, the local squash pro said to me “play once a week with someone equal to you, once a week with someone behind you and once a week with someone better than you.”

The reasoning he really didn’t have to expand on. I thought about it that evening, the types of people I had played with recently.

Equal to you drives competitiveness

Behind you drive teaching, mentorship, and mastery

Ahead of you stretches your capability to provide growth and wisdom

It’s a lesson I never forgot and accelerating my growth. I’ve been fortunate to have many mentors and collaborators. I often learn as much or more from those behind or peers to me as I learn from those ahead.

Of course, you need all three to drive a balanced growth portfolio.

With gratitude today for my peers, mentors, and mentees.


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