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Can you go a little bit further?

I had some big training goals this past weekend. I try and incorporate time with my wife Blake when possible. As she likes to say, “Colin runs far, I only run for the subway.”  However, she is a good little hiker and we got some time in the Rocky Mountains recently, and she likes Soul-Cycle.

On Saturday, I went for a two-hour run prior and then walked over to Soul-Cycle to finish out together. Every class gives you a different experience based on the instructor. Like the leader of a team, sometimes you take queues from the one at the front, modeling the way, other times it’s within you.

You have small choices to make every day. Can you go just a little bit further, a little bit harder? Or will you let life dictate your direction?

Sometimes a leader needs to give you a little nudge and sometimes you need to turn up the dial a couple notches and believe in yourself.

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