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Tough Conversations

I was talking to a group of young sales professionals in Dallas today. One of the questions that came up at the end of the talk was about confidence in having tough conversations.

I’ve been there. Having a tough conversation with a customer more experienced than you takes discipline, patience, and courage. The only way to learn, rip off the band-aid…and realize at worst, its what you thought, and could be less painful than you think!

Top Tips:

1. Write out potential objections to your proposal or position and practice answering with a peer
2. Be accountable for anything that you need to own up to. Be firm and honor where you have earned a positive outcome.
3. Be curious! Curiosity is the great equalizer to aggression. “Help me understand where you are coming from? What are you hoping to get out of this conversation?”

Take on one tough conversation next week!


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