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Cross-Functional Approach

In talking to both top sales reps, sales, and enablement leaders the last couple weeks, working across the matrix (all pillars in an organization) in one form or another has come up.

Who are the people that you need to partner with to get things done?

Partnership is one of our top values in enablement.

The world is too complex to get most things done alone.

Many early in tenure in role try and muscle the sale or program through, instead of quarterbacking the play.

I learned the hard way both in sales and in enablement/sales training.

It takes a village to onboard a sales rep, to sell a big deal, to accomplish any big hairy audacious goal.


Does your calendar align to all those “partners” who will help you get the ball across the line?

Your calendar speaks volumes about how you manage your relationships and your time.

Have a great hump day!


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