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5 Ways to Handle A Daunting Road Ahead

Many of us climb the hill every week.  

  • Tough conversations with employees, bosses, customers, and peers.  
  • Tight deadlines on projects, deals, and customer events.  
  • Not to mention personal and family challenges. 
How are some of the best leaders seemingly immune to stress?
Most of them are not. They have more practice and a template to handle it!
What do top leaders share with me?
1. Expect it and have a plan.  Visualize your way over and through.
2. Know when to recharge and restore so you can hit it hard the next day.
3. Look back and review what was once hard and how you overcame it?  The past provides clues.
4. Like military men and women making their bunk first thing every morning, get your day started off with even the smallest success.
5. Start the day well and end the day well. End the day with a win to ride the momentum into the next morning. This can be as simple as asking ‘what you are grateful for at the end of each day.’

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