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Characteristics of a 3 time championship team

I was talking to a mentor of mine last week who is the CEO of a local company in Toronto and a top-notch Athlete. He is actually not (self-described) a very good runner, however, he makes up for it in pure athletic ability, strategy, and competitiveness.
I asked him advice for the upcoming race I am doing in Patagonia in November as I will be running for the first time as a team.
He said “you need to discuss your game plan ahead of time. Start with the objective for the team.  Is it to win or compete?  Think about the obstacles you are going to encounter and the spots where emotion will come into play and have a game plan for how to handle those conversations.
If someone is slow, gets sick or injured, know how they react to distress and discuss the best way to handle them.  Two, have your plan B, C, D already talked through when level-headed.  Emotions can make things difficult.
Understand how each person is motivated.  For him, he can take the negative and aggressive counsel, for others that will shut them down.  They may need positive support.”
This game plan has helped him win three of the toughest endurance races in the world as a team.
What can we take away from this in the sales game?
When you come upon the stress of month and quarter end, do you have a game plan for how you handle not only your own emotions but those of your team and extended team?
The best sales professionals win and lose as a team.
What conversations do you need to have to put yourself in the best position to win?


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