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How to prepare for your biggest talk ever

When I was a sales rep, I used to get nervous presenting in front of customers or even my own sales team.  Groups or 8-10 were intimidating to me!
I made a decision that good public speaking was a skill I want, no need, to have.
What did I do?
  • I took a one-day presentation class offered by my company
  • I took a 13 weeknight class offered by our University in Toronto
  • I put my hand up for any chance to present in front of our company
  • I found colleagues inside and outside the company that also wanted to learn a great skill and asked them to join. It kept us both accountable and helped have an internal advocate when I needed it.
  • I found my own secret sauce. I combined my skill at work (sales) with my passion in life (running) to make a unique presentation that people would want to hear.
I made some big improvements and some crash and burns, along the way!
I slowly moved from being more comfortable in front of teams of ten to regional meetings of 30-40, to speak at our Salesforce tour events with 100-200.
I have moved from sweaty palms and a nervous pit in my stomach to gratitude and excitement for every opportunity I get.
Yesterday was one of my biggest talks yet at our Sales Summit Session at Dreamforce in front of 300 people! The feedback from the crowd was incredible.
If this is a skill you want or need to have…just start by taking a class and practicing in front of friends, peers and slowly you will get there.
Have the courage to take the first step!


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