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Rebuilding Schools – You’ve Done It!

On this Thanksgiving long weekend, I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all your well wishes on my Patagonia adventure and for those who have contributed to our projects to rebuild schools in Tanzania, Africa.

***We made our $10K goal!***

Where will the money go?

Classroom Repairs – You can see from the Arusha (Tanzania) photos, the state of some of these classrooms we have visited is really quite dangerous for the children (roofs caving in and holes in the floor) and we have come across many such classrooms that need to be made safe for these kids to create a healthier learning environment

Toilets/Water Systems – We have done dozens and dozens of these and we continually find schools that need our assistance in this respect given ratio of children to useable toilets in the public schools is completely unacceptable and hence big health hazard for the kids and also stops girls from coming to school during their periods.

Computer Labs –  We have been asked to complete a computer lab for a school we recently provided books too. They have a computer lab but it has no computers in it – they have sourced computers locally and we will be helping with the computers and equipment, installation etc.

Our expenses are very minimal and we have had a solid man on the ground  (Simon, pictured here for over a decade.

If you still want to contribute, donations will be taken through the end of the month.

Your money will start going to work in December!

Have an amazing Thanksgiving with your families.


Fundraising Update – With your generous donations, including the Salesforce match we have made our goal of $10,000! Thank You!

I made my 150 Mile run through Patagonia a charitable one, for the Kilimanjaro Education Foundation to support building classrooms in Tanzania, Africa. You still have time to make your donation count!

Check out the story here & how YOU can contribute 

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