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Four things to do when you complete a big goal!

I just completed a year-long journey on my way to and from Patagonia and couldn’t be more proud of the result. Each year I prioritize goals that have monthly / quarterly and annual measurements.

In past years I have felt fortunate to just achieve the goals. People often share they have a post-goal hangover when putting everything into a goal. I have definitely experienced it.

My advice:

Don’t leave the site of completing one big goal without setting another. 

You certainly want to take a breather and mentally recharge, reward yourself! I had the opportunity in Patagonia to celebrate with some great steak and vino. It’s been a week and time to quickly turn the corner.

Here are four things I recommend:

1. Document your success and note the learning opportunity

2. Create a couple short-term personal goals that get you through the transition period where there is a lull

3. Leverage your recent win and start visualizing your next long-term fiscal goals and ride the momentum.

4. Share your win and learning with others – teach back / master your craft – and gain perspective from what others are trying to achieve.

Time to get back to work!


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