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How can you set up a win for tomorrow?

What did I learn about teamwork in Patagonia?

After a big set back on day 2, we got back in synch for day 3. 

Being out of synch is the opposite of being in flow.

Flow, when it feels like everything is going your way. I get that often while running solo. Harder to get that alignment when running as a team. Timing, communication, different skills, and motivations. 

Day 3, the last 10 miles back to camp. We knew the 2nd place team was 5 min ahead of us. We lost a lot of ground on day 2 and we decided on day 3 and day 4 we would not lose any ground and look to gain. 

The sun was covered, the wind kicked up and it was getting cold. Perfect for the Canadians and a Bostonian!

I can still see it, we had two big hills to climb in the Andes range and on the other side of those are big downhills. We hike the up, run the flats and run the downs. Downs can be tricky, unstable landings, often rocky, you need to trust your feet and just let the legs go. 

We couldn’t see the yellow jerseys of the 2nd place team but knew they were there. They were consistent, enough to have won the 2015 edition in Ecuador. 

We just kept charging and by the time we came off the last hill, we could see them in the distance. 

We didn’t stop until we hit the finish line and had come in 15 seconds behind them. 

Mission accomplished.  

  • We didn’t lose any ground 
  • We finished the day on a big positive 
  • We got our team fully aligned for the last long day 
  • We created a moment for the day 

You are not going win every day. Sometimes it’s the small wins, tiny wins that flip the momentum the other direction to set up your big win for tomorrow. 

How can you set up the win for tomorrow?


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