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What happens when you completely disconnect?

What happens when you have no access to the outside world?

In my time in Patagonia, we had no access to email, text or the interweb for a full week. Talk about a cleansing.

There were business owners, executives, professionals, and athletes who are used to being connected to work, customers, family, friends and all the apps and social channels.  Always on, always under pressure.

What happens when you have a forced disconnect?

– You are present

– You talk to people

– You learn about peoples’ stories, goals, and dreams

– You connect with nature

– You reflect, recharge and restore

– You get some of your best ideas

I learned a ton about different countries, past times, businesses, heartache, and inspiration.

Although I prefer to, you don’t have to go halfway across the world to disconnect.  Like I did last night, you can shut down your computer for three hours during dinner and be present with family.

Are you due for a forced disconnect?


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