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I was anxious yesterday

I learn a lot from coaches. Whether it’s a trainer, business coach or mentor – having those who have gone through the fundamentals, can help me ramp up the curve faster and hold me accountable. Health and sports growth often translate directly into business.

This morning’s example.

My goal is to improve running performance. Running harder feels like I am making progress but if my range of motion doesn’t improve, my potential is limited. Especially hips and ankles.

The focus with my trainer today was developing mobility at end range of motion. Think of the last time you were stiff or stretching in yoga and you felt like you didn’t have any more flexibility to go…and sitting in that uncomfortable area…for 10 minutes at a time.

Anxiety. Sit with it, be comfortable leaning into discomfort. It’s a good mental and physical exercise.

I focused on being patient, with good body awareness while breathing and engaging many different muscle groups. It was challenging and I had a coach supporting me on the 301 level of the exercise.

How does this translate?

When you are playing at your edge, pushing beyond where you think you can go and work through doubts, you come out on the other end with an expanded range of motion.

What part of your game, professional makeup do you need microfocus and edge work on that will impact long-term career growth?

Will you commit to focusing on one area starting tomorrow?


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