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What Creates 114 Beaming Smiles?

Sock cupcakes!

What is that???

I had the opportunity to join our financial services sales team this week to go and invest time helping putting on a Christmas party for kids that are in the hospital during the holiday.

A sense of normalcy, meeting other kids in a similar situation and the spirit of Christmas is so important for these kids.

Twenty Salesforce volunteers strong joined Project Sunshine to man a bunch of different fun stations including face painting, creating picture holders, ornaments, a Candy station, photo booth and so much more.

When one kid said “this is the most exciting thing – with a huge smile on her face” our hearts melted.

What is a sock cupcake?

A cup made of colorful shiny paper. I very soft and warm multi-colored sock, wrapped in a hair elastic with a colorful puff on top!

Why was this created?

For the families in Hurricane Irma. They needed socks!

Go out and give your time this holiday season and be innovative!


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