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What is on your bucket list?

I was listening to Phil Knights book on the summary of building Nike from the early 1960’s to today. He references a time he met Bill Gates and Warren Buffet after a movie with his wife while in Palm Beach. Phil was an up and comer at the time and he knew them loosely from other events. 

They had all been at the movie bucket list! He wondered (in his mind) what would be on theirs. What could they possibly have not done?
What if he did ask them out loud at the time?
He may have found out that they were thinking of creating “The Giving Pledge.” A potential inspiration path.
What about you?
The turn of the year is coming. One, two and ten year goals and a wish list. 
Dare to dream big. Why not!
What’s on your bucket list is a question that gets at the heart of inspiration, purpose, joy?
If you can invoke those thoughts in others you are likely in for fun conversations. 


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