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What does success look like when you are 71?

After my trainer session this week I had the opportunity to talk to another client who was getting ready for work. He was 71 and as he said: “the body is old, I have had knee surgery, my shoulder is bothersome, and I am making good improvements every day.”

I got the sense, he wished he would have started this practice earlier.

He still looked in pretty good shape for 71 and got me thinking, what choices might he have made differently as it pertains to his focus on long-term health.

Would he have focused on:

  • Flexibility
  • Nutrition
  • Balance

I’m not sure what would have been for him, but it had me thinking about it what it means to me and for you.

Something good to ponder for all of us.

What does health success look like for you when you retired?


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