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Winning with the extended team

I was sitting in a deep frog stretch today with my trainer after working on hip openers and mobility work for most of the session. Melting into deeper and deeper flexibility and I was reminded how keeping current with all the up to date techniques keeps me progressing forward. 

Within those solitarily mindful minutes, it had me reflecting on what has contributed to the enjoyment and growth I’ve had this year. 
A thought from a mentor came to me:
“Hiring right and 90 percent of your work is done.”
I’ve been very fortunate to find great talent inside and outside of work but especially at work and those who have joined my team this year and last. 
As we go into the holiday, a BIG, no a HUGE Thank YOU to my team for bringing their best every day and inspiring me to grow. 
There will no post tomorrow. My mom is in town for the holidays. 
We’ll pick up next week with one or two posts depending on what comes my way. 
Happy holidays to everyone. 

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