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Six Ways To Get Started On Your Dream Goal

I presented a recap of my Patagonia race to an audience of young professionals at Salesforce this month.  One of the calls to actions was around goal planning and working on your purpose.

One of the things I heard was, “with a new family and how much I am focusing on work I barely have enough time for myself.  I don’t even know where to get started.”
I often have days that are packed end to end. I review the week as a whole to measure my performance.  Sometimes, just getting in 20 min and burning 100 calories I view as a win.
I used to measure success by the number of calories burned. Less than 500 calories and it didn’t count. As I get older, the dual benefit of a workout is A) Health and shape B) The right mental state.
Starting the day with the right mental state and to getting the body moving is a WIN!
One win leads to a second.

A collection of days leads to momentum.
Momentum leads to inspiration.
Inspiration leads to commitment.
Commitment leads to your dreams.
Get started each week with ONE WIN!

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