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How to place focus in 2018

What’s it all for?

I was talking to a friend over the holidays as we recapped 2017 and looked ahead to 2018. My friend is a great entrepreneur and was running two businesses this year. Two very innovative organizations. One more developed with solid revenue and one up and coming with good long-term potential.

As he headed towards the holidays, he was reminded of an old project that he tinkered with from time to time that brought him real joy. An old classic car had been passed down in the family his grandfather to his father to him. Some work had been done on it, but in the last few years, as he built his businesses, it was stored away in the garage with little progress.

As he shopped his plans for his business portfolio with his peers and mentors, one thing became increasingly clear. He has been splitting his focus and energy on two good businesses and neither getting the full focus they need.

In addition, will all the work he has been putting on these two businesses, his restoration project hasn’t got the time and attention it deserves either. The project that refuels his soul.

My friend shared with me, this project was very important to him, his family and his soul. It’s part of his legacy.

As I shared last week, it’s important to put your own oxygen mask on first.

In 2018 he has decided to divest one business, focus on his first business and his soul.

As you put your goals together for 2018 and decide where you are going to put your effort, I encourage you to focus on less and go deeper….and really be thinking what your work is all for.

What is your classic car moment?


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