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One Quick Way to Build Some Grit in 2020

I am often asked when I present to groups of people about my adventure races, what is something that can help me build grit?


I was heading into a lunch meeting, without the lunch yesterday. I was starting this meeting and was hungry. Not because I hadn’t set up lunch yet because I hadn’t eaten yet. In fact, I was fasting.

“I have a friend, magician David Blaine, who fasted for 44 days over the city of London in a Plexiglas box. That’s when I decided I could take at least one day a week and just not eat.”
– Marc Benioff

I’ve used fasting in training over the years and to lose those final couple pounds to get into race shape. One day of fasting per week can help you lose an extra half pound with the right mix of nutrition and exercise.

What else does it build?


How do you feel during the day?

Well, one hungry.

  • Anxious
  • Frustrated
  • Annoyed
  • Grateful
  • Curious
  • Accepting

A lot of emotions that go into growth, resiliency and overcoming obstacles.


For the 24 hour fast:

Thanks to my nutritionist Kyle Byron for the how and inspiration.

  1. Pick a day and time to fast for 24 hours
  2. Have 3 servings of BCAA (Biosteel sports drink, or another brand) over the 24 h (a serving is 5-10 g).
  3. So have some 4-6 hours into the fast, again in 4-6 hours, and again in 4 hours.
  4. Have 3 servings of either multivitamin (Douglas Labs ideally) or Greens powder (Greens+ or Douglas Labs), over the 24 h period
  5. Be sure to drink 2-4 L of water over the course of the fast
  6. Of that you can have 2-3 servings of green tea (to increase fat loss). Caution drinking it a few hours before bed (there is caffeine in it)
  7. You may have coffee or black tea
  8. If your fast is going to follow a workout, be sure to have two feedings before you fast (or you will be in a deficit and the fast won’t work properly.
  9. If you need to bail early because you can’t take it, just bail. Try again next week. There is no negative consequence to that choice.
  10. I like eating dinner then fasting so A) I sleep feeling satisfied, and B) I’m busy working during the hardest part of the fast
  11. DO NOT have alcohol or a treat meal at the end of your fast!!!

Give it a try one day this month!


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