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How to tell a story like Oprah!

Just watch her.

2018 Golden Globe Awards

Oprah Winfrey took the world by storm on Sunday with her rousing speech at the Golden Globe Awards.  There is no doubt that Winfrey is one of the world’s most gifted orators. If you could learn just one, small thing from Oprah’s time at the mic, you’ll have done one thing like Oprah today–and that is pretty bad-ass of you!

So let’s take a look at what made her speech so powerful.

  • She began with a personal story: Nothing grabs an audience’s attention like a glimpse into you as a person. Used at the outset of your presentation, it can be a powerful tool to humanize your message.
  • She addressed an open room as if she was speaking to an individual: I don’t care if you are in a room of one or 1,000– your audience needs to feel that they are deserving of your attention if they are to give you there’s. 
  • She spoke slow and with purpose. And without pomp and circumstance.
  • She knew where she was going: Oprah likely used a teleprompter for this speech, which can help you if you know how to use it (which 25 years of hosting a show will certainly teach you to do). If you are using a teleprompter or notes, you still must know exactly where your speech is going and how to get there. Oprah (as told by Gayle King’s instagram story) went to the Beverly Hilton that morning and practiced her speech inside the auditorium, so she’d be accustomed to the space. If Oprah rehearses, so should you. 
  • She finished the story where she started
  • She had a strong call to action: And she was excited to share it! You know when Oprah is excited, that’s your cue to get excited too! Her personal calls to action are emphasized by punctuated tones and boisterous movements. Don’t be afraid to wear your emotion on your sleeve. 
  • She said Thank YOU!

Get your day started right and take 9 minutes and watch her performance.


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