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3 Reasons To Go Slow

“I’d rather you go really slow and do it right than do more and less quality.”

– James

The advice of my trainer this morning as I worked on new compound kettlebell movements. 

We have been working on mobility work in the hip joints to warm up and strength movements through the rest of the workout.

He puts some great how-to videos together here on Instagram.

We created an intention for each set and type of exercise. 

Three exercises by 5 reps, 6 reps, 7 sets 8 reps.

Slow – Kettlebell down to the floor for deadlifts 

Explosive – Kettlebell up with two hands on mini clean and jerk raises 

Deep – Down to the ground on Goblet Squats 

“I’d rather you start with fewer reps, really get the form nailed, then move up in complexity and weight.” 

Sage advice for the gym, yoga, spinning, running, hobby and for each part of what makes up your professional role.

In selling this applies directly to the discovery motion when talking to a customer. 

What is that motion you need to perfect in your life?


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