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Three Reasons Why You Should Be A Caretaker of Others Careers

I remember many years ago talking to an employee who left our company. He hadn’t had a great experience with a previous manager. It just so happened in the new company he had gone to, which he was really enjoying, they were expanding, adding a new team and looking for a new manager.

He was thriving in this new company and role and had found a great fit. His VP came over to talk to him about the manager vacancy to get his opinion. He had an application for the job from someone he was connected to on linked in. You guessed it, his old boss!

He was professional about his thoughts on his attributes but had to let him know it was one of the reasons he had left his previous role. That was enough for the VP, not interested.

As many senior leaders and mentors have shared with me, career progression is messy and you never know when people earlier in your career or junior to you will have an impact on your next role!

Here are three reasons to be a caretaker for other peoples careers:

1. You never know who has decision making impact in your next role. One that may be your dream job!

2. What you #payforward in my experience comes back to you in spades. The more you support others careers, the more good will you will have to support yours.

3. Any big goal worth getting done takes a team approach and partnership regardless of if you have manager in your title. Having the support of others and access to their resources is key.


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