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8 Ways to Nourish The Body In 2020

One of the questions I get often is about healthy eating, vitamins, and supplements.

The first thing I recommend when trying to improve a goal or habit….talk to a professional, or a coach!

When I was trying to take on a new habit below, a skill or knowledge, this is the approach that worked (after trying many different methods first!):

Healthy Eating – I took on a Nutritionist and a Holistic Naturopath
Focus on Energy Level – Holistic Naturopath
Running Programs – Running Coach
Strength Training – Trainer
Rehab Programs – Athletic Therapist
Flexibility and Balance – Yoga Class or 1:1 Yoga Session

The point is, a coach or professional provides both education, inspiration, and accountability. We often lose sight of the last piece. It’s crucial.

So here are the recommendations I have been using for the last five years from my Naturopath and Nutritionist for a healthy and active late 30’s to early 40’s individual that have made a significant difference in my health and well being.

Caveat – These work for me, please consult your own health practitioner for what is right for you. I order most of my products on Amazon or get in local health shops, and you can find them in yours.

Challenges I was solving for:
Increase energy levels
Reduce inflammation and pain in joints
Sleep better
Increase immunity
Improve gut health
Make an impact on my 10 to 20 to 40-year health and well being

1. Vitamin D – Gel Caps – 5,000 – 10,000 IU’s per day (Fall to Spring). For people in cities that do not get outside and get 20 min+ of natural sunlight per day)
I use gel caps vs. liquid as I find its less mess. Now brands are one I use. There are many good ones.
Vitamin D helps aid the absorption of all other minerals in your body

2. Fish Oil – 2,000 – 4,000 mg (EPA/DHA) depending on how much exercise you do. I take 4,000 mg daily.
Nordic Naturals has been a good brand for me
My mother and many older people use this for joint pain. Works well!

3. Zinc – 60-100mg per day. Again depends on how much exercise you do, but everyone needs Zing, it is an essential trace element and prevents and helps when we get a cold or are run down.
Now brand or Solgar have been good for me

4. Vitamin C – I take one tab per day through the winter. You can get a good dose of vitamin C from Orange Juice and Carrots, but I like to make sure I am getting it daily if I don’t have those or other natural food/juice. Same as Zinc helps prevent colds or assist when run down.

5. Magnesium Glycinate or Calm (Magnesium Powder Mixture) – Many people have magnesium deficiency or through heavy work and athletic workload wear it down quickly. I take 400mg every evening in heavy training. It also aids in naturally calming the body in the evening for sleep.
Many friends Natural Calm in the evening.
I personally use KAL brand Magnesium Glycinate

6. Pro-Biotics – If one thing has made the most difference in general health for me, its been a combination of this one and the next. After much research and reading, I am a big believer that reducing inflammation in the body and lowering your PH level contributes to positive gut health, which significantly improves overall health.

I have tried capsules and liquid and I find the liquid form much more impactful. Again for me.
I use Bio K Brand – Organic Brown Rice (Blueberry)
I have reducing dairy in my overall diet and feel much better when I do. Bio K comes in 3-4 different types, including Dairy and Soy.

7. Spirulina – Concentrated greens to reduce gut acidity and boost immunity. I started taking these days as I really started ramping up training 6-7 years ago and really focusing on energy levels. Like starting the day with good meditation, I start my day with Bio K above and 6-8 tabs of Spirulina to put greens in the tank to start the day. These are especially impactful when traveling when the diet choices are harder to make. I find it reduces the chance of getting sick and run down. From the recommendation of both my Naturopath and Nutritionist, I bought these tabs on my last three adventure races when the body can really get acidic, and I completed each race with an iron stomach. My experience in testing from simple daily environments to some of the harshest in the world, have proven the impact to me.
I use Nutrex – Pure Hawaii and there are many other great brands. At 6 tabs a day, this 400 tab bottle should last at least two months.
I have tried the powder and tab form. Use the tab form. The powder does not taste good and is messy!

Extra Credit

8. Digestives – For those with digestive challenges or if looking to even out energy levels while eating through the day, digestives can be a great help. I use them when consuming bigger meals or in advance of one of “those really big friends dinners” that we often attend. I find they help kick-start the digestive system and reduce the big energy dip and malaize that often happens.
Now Brand Super Enzymes – Now is good and again many other good brands out there
When your body if focusing on digesting, especially before you sleep at night, less energy goes towards healing your body.

If you are really pushing the body hard 5-6 times a week and training for a big run or event, happy to share a couple of other natural supplements that will help reduce inflammation and aid repair.

Hopefully, these suggestions help you kick-start your own health and well being up a couple notches in 2020.


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