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10 Things That Bring You Joy

An old classic from 2010

Many of us do not take time to appreciate what brings joy into our life. We are consumed making a living, paying the bills, taking care of kids/family, obligations, and keeping our head above water. 

Have you ever thought, if you could take an unplanned day, what you would do?  There are many successful entrepreneurs/executives and executive coaches that believe the time to rejuvenate the spirit is absolutely essential to their success. Some take personal time every 2nd week, take a 5-day extended weekend every month or take an adventure/relaxation trip once per quarter. Many of us in corporate land may find a challenge in those scenarios, however, there are creative ways it can be done.

Think about it for a few minutes, what is it that brings you joy? Take out a pen and write down ten things that bring you joy (or for those of you reading on the blackberry/iPhone, create a task and type it in). 

Some will come from times in the past when you were a kid or maybe something you have not done in quite a long time.

Here is my list

  1. Eating a pepperoni, green pepper with fresh tomato pizza
  2. Go for a relaxing massage
  3. Eat an ice cream cone (double waffle cone – pralines and cream, cookies and cream)
  4. Kick a soccer ball at the net in a local park
  5. Grab a bunch of guys and play a game of street hockey….car!!
  6. Catch an afternoon matinee
  7. Play tennis or head out for a round of golf with a friend
  8. Go Mountain biking, hit a boxing class or play a game of squash
  9. Go for an early morning run as the sun comes up
  10. Get in a few games of ping-pong, lawn darts, or a game of poker with the guys
  11. Spend the afternoon reading a book
  12. Catch up with a friend I have not talked to in awhile at 4 pm on a Friday afternoon
  13. Catch a live sporting event (Tennis US Open is one of my favorites)

So what to do? Create a list of ten things you love to do that bring you joy! Write them down, keep the list handy and start integrating those activities into your weekly and monthly routine.

Take a look at your schedule and pencil them in so you know they will get done. Sprinkle these activities into your schedule over the next 6 weeks. Some will be easier than others….and some will surprise you in how much joy they can bring you rekindling the child of the past.

The next one for me to tick off the list is pulling the soccer ball out of storage, pumping it up and going to hit the local park.

Have a great week!


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