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This one measurement will make you skinnier 

I was talking to a good friend a month ago and he told me his number one goal was health this year. 

He’s been a wildly successful executive for many years. Career and wealth creation had been tops of his list for many years and he can’t recall the last time health cracked the top three.

“I’ve got to that place where my family is comfortable and I’m comfortable and it’s time!” he said.

Little did he know a week later one of his family members had a real health scare that reinforced this as his crystal clear number one goal.

What’s one tactical thing that has been helping him?

Weighing himself every day.


What gets measured gets done.
It gives you an accountability point every day when you start to veer off track from a big week of customer dinners, lots of unhealthy snacks or just or losing sight of the goal. 

It’s not to be micro on what you consume every single meal, it’s a trend line of where the waistline is going. 
To your best and healthiest year.



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