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This will make you a better leader

This is a great article from Harvard Business Review on developing leaders

I have long believed the best leaders are ones that work on their inner game as much or more as their outside game. 

What do I mean by that?
By leaving their baggage at the door when they enter the office, having cultivated their own personal beliefs on how to lead through:

A) Experience being around great and not so great leaders
B) Investing in themselves through outside training and coaching
C) Collaborating with inside and outside mentors to focus on improving every single day.
Influence participants’ “being,” not just their “doing.” In soon-to-be-published research, Malcolm Higgs, Roger Bellis, and I have found that leaders need to work on the quality of their inner game, or their capacity to tune into and regulate their emotional and mental states, before they can hope to develop their outer game, or what it is they need to actually do. So leadership development must start by working on the inner game. It’s very hard for leaders to have courageous conversations about unhelpful reality until they can regulate their anxiety about appearing unpopular and until they’ve built their systemic capacity to view disturbance as transformational, not dysfunctional.
The biggest feedback we get from our individual contributors in areas we can improve our leaders are 
I am heading on PTO today!  I may pop up with a post or two while away.
Have a great week!


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