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Five ways paddle boarding contributes to your success

Steve was from Singapore originally. He moved to Hawaii with his wife 7 years ago after finishing his career in California. He’s built a burgeoning surf, paddle, and kayak business.

Blake and I have both paddled once or twice before but it’s always good to get a refresher. After paddling from our knees through some ocean waves, we got into the calmer bay area where we both stood up.

Lesson 1 – a few paddles on each side to get the board moving, stand up, weight equally distributed and in the center of the board or slightly back…and look where you want to go.

As we slowly paddled along Steve told us about his family, what he’s learned being in Hawaii and about the different seasons on the north shore.

Lesson 2 – Turning. Two ways. Look where you want to go, left, bend your knees and paddle on the right side. An alternative, paddle backward on the same side you want to go. Once you start turning, paddle on the other side to gain speed.

What was between the lines that Steve shared or demoed that are similar to other sports and life.

  • Look in the direction you want to go, and get moving
  • Everything is more efficient when you are relaxed and less rigid
  • Light bend in the knees and full extension on the stroke goes farthest
  • Conversational pace and smile on your face takes your mind off the work
  • Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life

Push farther today.


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