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Champions Make Choices


From “The Way of the Champion” by Jerry Lynch who has helped many of the best men’s and women’s NCAA coaches and top NBA teams perform at the highest levels.

“When one eye is on winning or outcomes, there’s only one left to focus on the moment.

Tell yourself this truth: Your greatest triumphs are always by-products of your ability to demonstrate the level you have attained in anything you do. You do this by focusing on the moment, the experience itself, rather than by trying to control the outcome or results”

World class athletes, leaders, and performers visualize their way to the top.

Take four deep breaths and focus on these five question Jerry Lynch has used with the best athletes in the world

  • Imagine pushing yourself to perform the best you can.
  • Feel the confidence from performing as you know you can
  • Sense the moment to moment thrill and excellence
  • Experience the fun as you execute your well-defined plan
  • Feel the joy, the dance, and the flow of a great performance


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