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Change Provides Trade-Offs

My trainer started at a new gym this week. I liked the routine I was in where he was.

I would typically take an uber to the gym early in the morning and then either run home to get ready for the day or go straight to work.
I got used to the routine based on the logistics. How to get there and home, the best route to take based on the amount I had and the best juice shop nearby!
It was a comfort level.
With the change in locations, the logistics have changed, and so has the comfort level.  The unknown.
What did I find this morning?
  • It’s farther from home, but closer to the office
  • I have to plan more in advance but the walk to the office is refreshing
  • The juice shop on the way is better!
There are always trade-offs! It’s how you look at them.
What changes are coming your way?
What are the trade-offs you will need to think through?
Reframe and move forward.


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