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Three things I learned from Building Houses

When I was younger I helped my dad build our house. It was an ongoing project we slowly chipped away at week after week.

Putting up drywall, taping, cutting and fitting pipes, putting in electric boxes, and doors!

In the summer, my uncle built houses. I’d work as a team with my cousins and frame basements, put in insulation (the worst job!) and put up drywall.

I didn’t enjoy it, often I loathed it. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was building the scaffolding for grit. It didn’t come right away, in fact, it took years. 

  • It took a lot of angst and anxiety to light the spark
  • Doing jobs I didn’t like, made me clear on finding something I would
  • Sometimes it takes years to appreciate the lesson.
What did you perhaps not appreciate from your younger days that now you do?




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