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16 things great leaders do!

A friend passed over to me this great article from Inc magazine “Everything You Need to Know About Great Leadership”

I love the opening – Leaders are not born, they are made!

Here are three of sixteen that I am currently working on!

1. Clarity of Purpose – Overcommunicating how what we do every week contributes to our team goal and our overall organizational vision and values.

4. Act Decisively – Change can great confusion and adversity. How you coach your team through it and keep the attitude positive is critical. I am finding using an old Colin Powell adage that once you get between 40-70% of the available information, you have enough to make a decision and move forward.

9. Invite Genuine Feedback – I have a super talented team, really an embarrassment of riches. Combined they know more than I will ever know. When I allow them to chart our path forward, they come up with awesome creative approaches to overcome obstacles that individually we would not figure out.

This is a great list to pin up and refer back to!

Read on.


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