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What is better than 100 victories in 100 conflicts?

“Those who win 100 victories in 100 conflicts do not have supreme skill. Those who have supreme skill use strategic positioning to win over others without even coming to conflict. Establish strategies that cannot be defeated.”

– Sun-Tzu
I have learned over the years not only do you have a finite amount of time, but you also have a finite amount of energy.  When you focus on how you spend that effort you realize its better to focus on energy management than time management.
In that spirit, if you can win others over with a proactive approach and avoid the conflict in the first place, you will have far more energy to put towards strategic initiatives.
I find most of team and project breakdown is from lack of understanding, communication, and appreciation.
When is the last time you asked someone you partner with:
  • What is important to know when working with you?
  • How is your preferred method of communication? Phone, text, email, chat?
Seek to understand and you will strengthen your supreme positioning skills.


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