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Hello to PO

I was fortunate to get invited to a networking dinner last night with the former CIO of General Electric, the Chief Digital Officer of IBM and some other smart and talented leaders. 
One of the things we talked about was what is and is not in a good sales pitch. 
Here is a summary:
  • Speak the language of your customer and leave your own company product speak at home. Do good research and have the ability to connect on a personal level.
  • Bring gaps in the current way they do business to their attention–but do so gracefully and without blame
  • If asked about your products make sure you can speak to them and the impact they have on similar customers.
  • Know their people, what challenges they are facing and how you think you can help. 
  • If something goes wrong, go all out to fix it and make it right, even if it wasn’t you who caused the mess. “I learn a lot about the credibility about a salesperson based on how much they can get done in their own organization.”
Great lessons for all of us!


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