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What I learned from Jake Tapper and Kellyanne Conway this morning

We were in a great training class for our sales reps last week taught by a really smart CEO who does training in his spare time.  It’s a passion project.  Out of the many compelling things he taught the group was how to elevate conversations to the executive level.
  • Using data and facts to get their attention. Executives care about numbers.
  • Share insights and bring your point of view showing you have done your research on the company or person.
  • Ask a question that drives dialogue and an intelligent conversation.
He recommended watching how journalists approach 1:1 interviews. So in watching Jake Tapper on CNN this morning (insert your favorite news program here), here is what I saw:
Quoting Jake Tapper:
“Kellyanne, the Wall Street Journal reports that the President may have shared up to 3,000 untruths since he has taken office.  The American people deserve a leader who tells the truth and recent polls have told us this is important to the country. Does it concern you the President has trouble telling the truth?”
Quoting Kellyanne Conway:
“Thanks for that question, Jake. The President tweets many times per day and is very available to the American people.  What your network is not covering is the record low unemployment at 3.9% and below 4% for the first time since 2000. Everyone we talk to at the Presidents rally’s tell us the economy is their most important issue.  Why are you not reporting more on the economy?”
Counterpoint. DIQ
I will leave the politics to all of you and encourage there is an opportunity to uplevel conversations by watching your favorite journalist.

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