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Two Proven Scientific Ways To Improve Your Sales Pitch

It’s taken me 20 years of professional growth to realize less is more.  Simple is better.

When you design to land your message instead of deciding what slides you should build to get your message through…you will drive real impact.

  1. The brain processes an image 60 times faster than words
  2. Messages delivered as stories can be 22 times more memorable than facts.
Here is my example.  It may not be perfect…I am constantly working on this skill myself!

“We are going through some change management in our company right now. Bringing a new group of people together can be challenging. It has happened every 2-3 years for me, from when I started selling Xerox copiers door to door, to when I was a co-prime and needed to influence people, to leading a sales team at Salesforce and now leading enablement. Driving change and overcoming obstacles is always about people.  It’s about conversations, it’s about trust. I have learned through making mistakes early in my career, building a bridge to understanding what is important personally and professionally to each person – helps you walk a mile in their shoes. Everyone is on their own journey and often struggling with something and my experience is once you connect eye ball to eye ball you can work through the discomfort  and propel your team towards a high performing outcome.”



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