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Three reasons why you are failing as a leader

1. You are insincere
2. You are not reliable
3. You are not competent

This is the trifecta of building trust with people you manage, serve or partner with.

If anyone one of the three is deficient you will have a communication breakdown.

You can be a brilliant and competent leader and push your team hard, walk the talk and get the job done – and yet if you are insincere it’s like having an oil leak in your car.

You can be sincere, treat your people well, know your role and coach well and yet not match what you preach in action and not do what you say you will do…and your team is like a semi-trailer truck with a flat tire and your trailer is swinging wildly on the road.

You can be kind, fun, caring, follow up tightly on team requests and administratively do what is required as a manager. If you can’t model the way in the role for your people before you ask them to do it and sweat the details – you will wonder why your team is not inviting you to their most important meetings. You will be pressing your nose against the glass looking from the outside into the slipping potential of a high performing team.

Take the time to do a self-check, where can you do better?

Read on to take in my new article on Trust is the Bedrock of Sales Performance.


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