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How to invest in relaxed intensity

“Competition does not cause anxiety. Any emotional reaction…getting supercharged, displaying team emotional spirit excessively…is an indulgence that could distract and reduce levels of energy so needed for success. You need to not display contrived emotions, it’s what teams do when their self-doubt needs an artificial boost. If you know yourself and your opponent…objectives, and motivations…then all the hoopla is unnecessary.”

– Deng Ming-Dao, Tao Wisdom

Frustration is natural when navigating the choppy seas of business change, within high anxiety arenas and that uncertain and pivotal fork in the road.

Those who detach from the outcome and control what they can control are calm,  reserved, and prevail. 

Can you protect and harness the energy source, even though the fire may rage within? 

This is relaxed intensity. 

It applies to both coaches (managers) and athletes (individual contributors). 

Has a friend of yours every broken a tennis racket or golf club?

It’s not technical skill but presence, and ability to connect with emotions of passion, courage, and belief that override anxiety.


Identify specific positive emotions you have on the court or in the business arena, when you are at your best.

Are you excited, joy, courage, brave, relaxed, intense?

Create those intentions for the day and make it happen.

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